The Board meets on the last Wednesday of each month with the exception of the Budget Hearing to be held Dec 12, 2018 in the Commission Room at the Road Commission office at 9:00 a.m.  Any date or time changes will be updated and posted above. The last update to this page was January 3, 2018. With advance notice of seven calendar days, the WCRC will provide interpreter services at the public meetings. Interpreter to include foreign language, and hearing impaired. If you need to check for a more recent update, please call the office at 231-775-9731.


You can view and print the past Minutes of Board Meetings below:

2018 Minutes
Board Minutes 01-03-18     Special Minutes 02-09-18     Board Minutes 03-21-18
Board Minutes 03-28-18     Board Minutes 04-25-18       Board Minutes 05-14-18
Board Minutes 05-30-18     Special Meeting 06-11-18      Board Minutes 6-29-18


2017 Minutes
Board Minutes 1-4-17        Board Minutes 1-25-17            Special Meeting 2-03-17
Board Minutes 2-22-17     Special Meeting 3-3-17            Board Minutes 03-22-17
Board Minutes 05-01-17   Board Minutes 5-24-17           Special Meeting 6-5-17
Board Minutes 6-28-17     Board Minutes 7-26-17           Board Minutes 8-23-17
Board Minutes 9-27-17      Special Minutes 10-11-17       Special Minutes 10-31-17
Special Minutes 11-10-17   Board Minutes 11-29-17


2016 Minutes
Board Minutes 1-6-16        Board Minutes 1-27-16           Special Meeting 2-3-16
Board Minutes 2-24-16     Board Minutes 3-23-16          Board Minutes 4-21-16
Board Minutes 5-25-16     Board Minutes 6-22-16          Board Minutes 7-20-16
Board Minutes 9-1-16        Board Minutes 9-7-16             Board Minutes 10-14-16
Board Minutes 11-23-16
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